American Vernacular Dance (AVD) hosts the monthly swing dances and monthly vintage ballroom tea dances with live music at the Avalon Ballroom in Boulder, Colorado. Twice a month is our Wednesday Waltz Etcetera night with eclectic couples dance music DJ’d by Frank Vernon. Four Wednesdays each year there is a special theme party night. Each of these events is preceded by dance lessons included in the cost.

Each third and fifth Saturday of the month we enjoy the best local swing bands in the Ballroom. The fifth Saturdays tend to feature more unusual bands. There is a one-hour introductory swing dance class before each dance.

We also host the long-running and unusual “Vintage Tea Dance” series on second Sunday afternoons, September through May. These feature our two great local orchestras, The Mont Alto Ragtime and Tango Orchestra which is a classical ensemble with hundreds of unique orchestrations, and Susan Roger’s Exuberant Quartet with a range of dance music. These tea dances are a little bit dressy and focus on the early American ballroom dance, including one-step, waltz, foxtrot, tango, ballads, two-steps, rags and the occasional Maxixe, Half-and-Half, Charleston and blues. The event includes an hour-long dance class in the main dances of the ragtime era.

AVD also hosts the long-running New Year’s Eve Party at the Avalon with music by the Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra. On December 31, 2013, we will host the first ever four-floor dance bash, with four simultaneous dance floors featuring swing, salsa, batchata, ballroom and tango dancing. Plus foods by the amazing Halina Palmer. This is a joint production with Joseph Snowhawk of Dance-Laugh-Love.

AVD has presented many special events including dance weekend workshops, themed balls and unique parties including the recent the Denver Club Dance sCentennial, 11 December 2011, and the Titanic Ball, 14 April 2012.

Dance instructor and dance historian Jim X. Boryzm teaches couple dances, calls contradances, and hosts social events with live music. His areas of special dance expertise include waltz, swing, tango, foxtrot and contradance. Music interests include piano, concertina and song; ragtime, early jazz and pre-war popular music. Jim is available for private dance lessons, unique dance and music functions, and special dance projects.

Wearing his other hat, Jim is an acoustical engineer and owner of Borzym Acoustics LLC. Among his many projects he co-designed the cushioned oak dance floor at the Avalon Ballroom; designed the acoustical systems at the Avalon, the Aspen City Dance Pavilion, and the Denver Turnverein; and managed all acoustical design for the Seawall Ballroom at the Denver Performing Arts Center.

American Vernacular Dance was founded in 1988. AVD is a sponsor of the “Watch Your Step! Vintage Dance Vignettes” performance troupe.

AVD is proud to be a member of the Village Arts Coalition (VAC); you’ll find many more dance and arts events listed on the VAC web site.